About Drazil & Sheniqua....

The mystery revealed....

Drazil is the word *lizard* backwards.  Martha Beck talks about inner lizards symbolizing our inner demons and that to overcome those inner demons we should make them someone....a living thing....with a name and a face and a body. 

I chose Drazil and he's a nasty little snotlicker....but he's mine and he's constantly changing.......and it's always for the better.


Sheniqua is just my good 'ol plain fat.  She used to be around 70 lbs and now she's down to 15 lbs.  She's a constant irritation.  She's a sassy, chubby thing and she jiggles like Jell-O and taunts me daily in the mirror. 

She won't be around forever though...but for now she's Drazil's best friend.  She's stuck to him like glue and hanging on for dear life....it's quite sickening actually.